Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mount Apo February '09 Expedition

Title of Climb : Mount Apo February ’09 Expedition
Date : February 25-28, 2009
Location : Sta. Cruz Trail, Davao del Sur (Tudaya, Colan)

Profile of Participants:

• Samahang Mountaineering Barkadas - 30
• SAVERS Rescue Team - 12
• LOGSAC - 6
• MCTCA - 1

Day Zero (February 24)

• Advance assault of marshal team to Colan.
• Preparation of all equipment for climb.
• Porters prepared.

Day One (February 25)

• Gabo, Julpanz and Chicay went to Davao International Airport to fetch expedition team from Manila at around 5:00 AM
• Marshal team waited at Baruring for the Tudaya Falls descend
• Arrival time at Baruring, 9:45 AM
• Gabo, Papong and Pirit accompanied the Manila expedition team to Tudaya Falls while the rest of the marshals proceeded to Tumpis Campsite
• The whole team stayed overnight at Tumpis campsite

Day Two (February 26)

• Start of assault to Mount Apo Peak via SAVERS Campsite (Basakan), Tinikaran I and II and Boulder Face
• Boulder trekking was very cold as rain and fogs broke up. Many of the expedition team members suffered extreme coldness
• Due to bad weather interruption, the team had camped at Boulder 87O emergency campsite instead of the usual summit camping while Jaymar, Jingle, Lito and 2 others were left at Tinikaran Holding Campsite II

Day Three (February 27)

• For the first time there was a good sky clearing. Some of the expedition team members experienced sunrise watching and very few have tried peak hopping with guides Gabo, Julpanz and Jonas
• At 10:00 AM, some members started to descend while others tried bouldering with Gabo
• The whole team had its 3rd night at Tumpis campsite

Day Four (February 28)

• The whole team departed to Davao City

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