Sunday, October 17, 2010

Limited Edition Shirt for a Cause

A limited edition LOGSAC t-shirt for a cause is out now for sale. This is basically the club's strategy to generate funds for conservation and rehabilitation of Sibulan River as an offshoot to GASA SA SUBA Sibulan River Conservation Project.

The t-shirt costs 165 each for LOGSAC members and 175 for non-members. Certain percentage of the proceeds will be used to purchase materials and other supplies for next year's LOGSAC Anniversary celebration Tree Growing at Sibulan River dated February 19, 2010.

For orders, please contact Mr. Julius R. Paner thru Mobile Phone number 09208567991 or email at Please indicate the sizes of your orders and also have it paid upon order.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day hike to Udalo Range

A refreshing day hike on October 6, 2010 was done by 4 LOGSACs at Udalo Range, Malita, Davao del Sur. It was a sort of unwinding after a very busy 5-day Araw ng Sta. Cruz celebration. The highest point we reached was recorded at 120 masl, traversing Udalo shoreline going to the Buhangin-Tubalan border ridge.

With me were Jonas, Papong and I.T. expert JercPas. We were guided by Manong Rey and company. Udalo is basically an agricultural landscape with lush vegetation. At the highest point is an overlookign view of the Davao Gulf area. The place is relatively peaceful and it's evident that commercialization is purely strange.

We ended the trip with an unlimited lunch at a nearby towm Sta. Maria.