Sunday, December 20, 2015

My second time around in the Woodlands

After several failed attempts, I am finally back in Tribung Bagobo Woodlands Resort (ATBWR) last Sunday, December 20, 2015. This came right after I completed some yuletide schedules. It was only my second time in the resort, my first was in 2012 with then DOT Regional Director and now Assistant Secretary Art Boncato. I’ve been aching to really go back there to take some pictures of the resort as promised to its owner Ate Nene Abajero.

As usual, ATBWR remains one of the destinations in Mindanao that I love visiting because Ate Nene and company had maintained the nature theme of the place, a unique attribute one could never find in other resorts nearby. Nestled some 700-800 meters above sea level and with a tempting cold temperature, ATBWR can be an instant respite this December holiday seasons and even in summer or practically the rest of the year.

In my first visit last 2012 I witnessed the beautiful flowers in full bloom that added colourful attraction to the resort. This time, different flora species greeted my eyes with green shades in the forest that covered the whole perimeter of the place. The tropical rainforests remain unscathed from the very start of the entry point all the way to the other side which made me think that ATBWR is a garden more than a resort.
The fauna in ATBWR is also obviously thriving with the result of their habitat being taken cared of very well. While on my way back to the exit point, I saw these creatures. The green snake seemed not hostile at all upon seeing me. Its green colour had concealed with the verdant setting of the entire surrounding.  

After all these years, I also noticed that Ate Nene remained very accommodating, modest and generous. Ate Nene’s earnest dedication to nature and passion to preserve it is something that is really worth emulating. I admire this warrior soul inserted into a woman’s body. This is a woman everybody should talk to, and listen at the same time, in order to appreciate fully her thoughts and advocacy.

I had great moment visiting the woodlands the second time I visited it and I encourage all my friends, especially those who want to have a different experience in the outdoors, to also visit there.