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My passion for outdoor adventure has paved way for the creation of the Local Government of Sta. Cruz Adventure Club in 2007 even before I started working at the local Tourism Office of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. My first climb to the country’s highest peak – MT. APO – has become one of the many reasons why LOGSAC exudes extraordinarily in our endeavors in and outside of the country to basically climb mountains as our treasured hobby.

Aside from being a chronic mountaineer by heart, I also love to do other outdoor activities like caving, water tubing, running marathons and the likes. Lately, I started exploring the base places of the mountains instead of climbing them because of the fore reason that mountains deserve to also take a rest. There have been issues hemming in the mountaineering sector that the only solution is to refrain from climbing.

My interest in writing (as well as my love to photography) has also been very instrumental in sustaining my climbs and travels and to that of LOGSAC’s. It’s always good to convert all the experiences into an eternal transcription so that the rest of our generations would still be able to appreciate what our club had been doing.   

For now, I enjoyed climbing and traveling as much as I love writing. And being in my mid 30s doesn’t mean I have to stop craving for more complex adventure in the future. Today I considered myself a mountaineer, caver, runner, blogger, freelance writer, naturalist guide, graphics designer, photographer, full-fledge father and a husband.

My past and present affiliations include the following:

President. Local Government of Sta. Cruz Adventure Club (LOGSAC)

Former External Vice President and Presently Board of Trustees Chairperson.Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao, Inc. (MFSM)

Member. Mindanao Communicators Network, Inc. (MINDACOMNET)

Member. Davao Bloggers

Member. One Davao Tourism Officers Association (ODTOA)

Member. Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines, Inc. (ATOP)

Member. Philippine Association of Accredited Tourist Guide Lecturers, Inc.

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