Wednesday, April 11, 2012

LOGSAC scales two Mindanao Peaks on Lenten 2012

Two major summits in Mindanao were instant destination of LOGSAC last Lenten season dated April 4-8, 2008.

First; Papong, Irvhin Joy and Pawiks climbed Mt. Matutum on April 5-6 via the traditional Glandang Trail in Tupi, South Cotabato. It was Papong’s fourth time in the area while first for Irvhin and Pawiks. According to Papong, the climb was fine and they used to side trip Lake Sebu’s Punta Isla Resort and Seven Falls Zip Line Adventure, completing their first South Cotabato mixed escapade.

Second, more club members have climbed Mt. Apo for the annual Holy Week Monitoring. I was accompanied by Dancel, Kiba, Raffy, Pagong, Hardy, Glenn Mark, Jonas, Darwin, Jopacs, Mulong and the reigning Mutya ng Sta. Cruz Mychelle. On the upper portion of Sta. Cruz trail was Tolits solely taking the duty in behalf of the club as he was also guiding guests from SOCSARGEN region.

Our monitoring lasted for just three days but aside from the reward of taking care of the very fragile Mt. Apo, we also used to savor larger-than-life experience. A very gratifying experience which other places couldn’t offer.

We have chosen the Tudaya route basically because we wanted our newbie (Hardy, Glenn Mark, Mychelle, Darwin) to feel the nightmare of the so-called Tingting Killer Trail. And we did just that, we succeeded in terrorizing them. Mychelle in fact suffered the altitude infection as she eventually vomited right before our very eyes.

Our second day was spent bathing at Mundo Apo hot spring almost 3 kilometers from Tupis Basecamp. We also spent the rest of the day enjoying the lunch of native chicken mixed with Tumpis vegetables chayote and carrots.

On Black Saturday, we completed the highland loop as we trekked back to Cabarisan using the Lower Tibolo route and secured our intent to co-celebrate Easter Sunday with our fellow Catholics.

P.S.. We have plenty of old and new challenges in conducting Holy Week monitoring. As usual, we apprehended unregistered climbers and exit climbers from other trails.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stride Guide 01: Kapatagan Highland Resort

Kapatagan Highland Resort is nestled in Barangay Kapatagan, City of Digos and is more or less two hours ride from Davao City. This popular resort in a plateau offers variety of experiences as it features distinct taste that is purely highland made.

When I visited the area last January this year along with Sir Manny Batungbacal of ROX and Department of Tourism XI personnel Joyce, King and Eugene; we were first brought to Lake Mirror, a charming resort situated at the heart of Barangay Kapatagan where the majestic Mt. Apo can be viewed. What’s more interesting about the area is the clear scenery of Mt. Apo when viewed in the much clearer waters of Lake Mirror, very captivating landscape which can only be experienced here. The resort also has several components to make your adventure more interesting such as the tent city, the lake tour using their personalized boats and the simple yet well-designed close cottages to make your stay there more convenient.

After our stay at Lake Mirror, we had to get back through sitio Baras to witness another site of Kapatagan Highland Resort, the amazing hillside. In this area, we were guided by one of the staff Lito to get to the top of the hill where we were welcomed by the serenity of the place. Here, we also experienced the cool ambiance while overlooking the entire landscape of Kapatagan including the gorge of South Cotabato’s highest peak – Mt. Matutum.

Another point of interest at hillside is when you get to savor their “civet coffee”, a specialized coffee processed and brewed through tamed civets. Lito explained that before the coffee is brewed, it has to pass through civets’ digestive system and has to be expelled by the animals as digestive waste, after which it is fermented and being served to guests and visitors. And when you taste it, nothing compares to its aroma.

To make your stay at hillside more palatable, you may also try their vegetable salad freshly harvested from their organic lettuce and cabbage farms just right beside the close cottages.

Truly, Kapatagan Highland Resort (Lake Mirror and Hillside) is a destination fitting to the interest of outdoor-inclined individuals and groups. For inquiries, bookings and reservation; you may contact Lito through 09475560632.

Note: Kapatagan Highland Resort is the maiden article of Stride Guide, a special portion of this blog which features destinations all over the Philippine archipelago.