Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing JUGAPONG Falls 2

When we conducted the first reconnaissance survey for the Mount Apo Boulder Face Challenge, we chanced upon this cute waterfall as a tributary of the Jugapong falls located in Lower Tibolo, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

Great waterfall indeed if only it will be preserved. It is actually located at the heart of a hydro power plant.

Hopefully it will still be visible in the future so that more Jugapong Waterfall series will be explored.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hayahay Beach is a truly a Secret Paradise

I got the huge chance of visiting a secret place in Island Garden City of Samal on March 21-22 when the Habagat Kayak Festival kicked off. I attended the event as a participant with the officers of Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao.

Apart from the already-popular kayaking adventure as the main reason, I decided to go because I haven’t seen the venue yet, the almost heaven on earth Hayahay Beach Resort. No restaurant, no cottages, not even a single vehicle can go there for purposes of baiting commuters. The road is quite rugged.

However, the water is crystal clear. Even clearer than the ray of sunlight. The sand is white and skin-friendly. I took a whole day dip and went kayaking for the rest of my time. Great getaway.

An Invitation: Earth Hour 2009 - A step towards campaining againts Global Warming

On 28 March 2009 at 8:30PM, cities and towns across the world will turn off their lights for ONE HOUR – Earth Hour – sending a powerful global message that it’s possible to take action on global warming.

In what we hope will be the world’s largest mass participation event, Earth Hour 2009 will be the culmination of one billion people around the globe, in more than 1000 cities from business, government and the community turning off lights, and sending a message to world leaders in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 that we need a commitment to actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the short and long term benefit of the planet in order to avert widespread disastrous impacts especially in developing countries like the Philippines.

Taking the first step is as easy as turning off a light.

By encouraging entire cities to perform this simple act, for just one hour, a strong message is delivered to the world about the urgent need to address climate change, and shows that it is possible for everyone to make a difference.

In March 2008, Earth Hour reached 370 cities and towns in more than 35 countries across and has become a fast-growing global sustainability movement. An estimated 50 to 100 million people around the world switched off their lights for Earth Hour in 2008, including an estimated 1 million Filipinos, and global landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, Rome’s Coliseum, the Coke billboard in Times Square and Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai darkened for one hour. Our very own Manila City Hall Clock Tower, the Mall of Asia, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines were blanketed in meaningful darkness. Today, through the extensive WWF International network, Earth Hour 2009 has gotten commitments from over 78 countries, the number growing each day. Personalities from all over the globe, including Hollywood celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Alanis Morisette, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Imbruglia, Nelly Furtado, and many more are embracing Earth Hour! In the Philippines, Earth Hour is being endorsed by leaders such as Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales and Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes. Many more personalities have resolved to make a difference by embracing Earth Hour – Bianca Araneta, Jericho Rosales, Nikki Gil, Paolo Abrera, Jim Paredes, Anthony Pangilinan, Maricel Laxa, Tweety de Leon, Margie Moran, Piolo Pascual, Rachelle Anne Go, Jed Madela, Vhong Navarro, Bea Alonzo, Anne Curtis, and Sam Milby, among others.

The Philippines will again join millions of communities around the world as we all literally “turn out the lights” for Earth Hour 2009. WWF, in partnership with the Department of Energy, The Green Army, and the Switch Movement, will turn off lights nationwide – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, aiming for the participation of at least 10 million Filipinos.

Earth Hour 2009 will be a major call to action for every individual, government and business to take responsibility and play a part in ensuring a sustainable future. Iconic buildings and landmarks across the world will go dark. People will join together to celebrate and create a conversation about the future of our planet.

Earth Hour is a message of hope and action. Imagine what we can do if we act together.

Join us for Earth Hour 2009.

LOGSAC will do.

LOGSAC scales Mt. Matutum anew

In consonance to the celebration of Linggo ng Mount Matutum, 2 LOGSACs had once again climbed Mount Matutum on March 19-21 using Linan trail of the municipality of Tupi, North Cotabato. Papong and Jonas, two of LOGSAC’s pioneering members joined this year’s edition of Amyak Maleh Matutum, an initiative of the Local Government of Tupi aimed at rehabilitating and restoring the mountain they called “life”.

This expedition is the fourth time for Papong and second for Jonas, who along with other Mindanao mountaineers aspired to create a minimum yet great contribution in sustaining various initiatives towards protecting major watersheds and to cope with the current climate change.

“The trail is new, highlighting several verdant vegetations and alluring waterfalls. This time, the trail is more technical,” said Jonas.

Mount Matutum is a major watershed area supplying potable water to cities of Marbel and General Santos and the provinces of Sarangani and South Cotabato.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mount Apo February '09 Expedition

Title of Climb : Mount Apo February ’09 Expedition
Date : February 25-28, 2009
Location : Sta. Cruz Trail, Davao del Sur (Tudaya, Colan)

Profile of Participants:

• Samahang Mountaineering Barkadas - 30
• SAVERS Rescue Team - 12
• LOGSAC - 6
• MCTCA - 1

Day Zero (February 24)

• Advance assault of marshal team to Colan.
• Preparation of all equipment for climb.
• Porters prepared.

Day One (February 25)

• Gabo, Julpanz and Chicay went to Davao International Airport to fetch expedition team from Manila at around 5:00 AM
• Marshal team waited at Baruring for the Tudaya Falls descend
• Arrival time at Baruring, 9:45 AM
• Gabo, Papong and Pirit accompanied the Manila expedition team to Tudaya Falls while the rest of the marshals proceeded to Tumpis Campsite
• The whole team stayed overnight at Tumpis campsite

Day Two (February 26)

• Start of assault to Mount Apo Peak via SAVERS Campsite (Basakan), Tinikaran I and II and Boulder Face
• Boulder trekking was very cold as rain and fogs broke up. Many of the expedition team members suffered extreme coldness
• Due to bad weather interruption, the team had camped at Boulder 87O emergency campsite instead of the usual summit camping while Jaymar, Jingle, Lito and 2 others were left at Tinikaran Holding Campsite II

Day Three (February 27)

• For the first time there was a good sky clearing. Some of the expedition team members experienced sunrise watching and very few have tried peak hopping with guides Gabo, Julpanz and Jonas
• At 10:00 AM, some members started to descend while others tried bouldering with Gabo
• The whole team had its 3rd night at Tumpis campsite

Day Four (February 28)

• The whole team departed to Davao City