Sunday, September 4, 2011

Papong’s Kanlaon Climb via Guintubdan Back Trail

LOGSAC’s Danrev Broñola has added another mountain to his already fully-loaded belts of peaks collection. The latest of his climbs along with Miss Mother Theresa of Mountaineering was Visayas’ highest peak Mt. Kanlaon of Negros Occidental backtracking the Guintubdan Trail on August 26-29, 2011.

Similar to his other major climbs, Mt. Kanlaon is a highly-technical mountain featuring crater views and leeches bites among others.

Mt. Kanlaon stands 2,435 meters above sea level and is dotted with pyroclastic cones and craters. It is in fact the most active volcano in Central Philippines. It has by far erupted 26 times since 1886, although several eruptions were minor in nature creating only minimal ash falls.

The most fatal eruption of Mt. Kanlaon happened in the year 1996, killing three (3) mountaineers including 1 foreigner.

Congrats Papong and Miss MTM. Hope to see you guys climbing more mountains soon.