Thursday, January 2, 2014

LOGSAC trio’s G2 attempt

Just before 2013 ends, the formidable LOGSAC trio of Danrev Broñola, Irvhin Joy Alcoriza and Noel Bartolome has climbed one of Luzon’s dangerous mountains and  probably one of the toughest in the country – Mt. Guiting-guiting or popularly known as G2 last December 27-28, 2013 via Tampayan Trail.

“It was very hard climbing a very technical mountain in a rainy season,” said Irvhin Joy as they were welcomed by a strong rain on the first day. “One of the hardest experiences we had was the very long travel from Batangas port to Sibuyan Island where it took us almost 13 hours.” There was also a last-minute change of mountain guide that further delayed the climb. Then with the rain cuddling them, they had to detour to another track to avoid a river trekking that could have cause them another dilemma had they pushes through.

Like any other climbers attempting G2 on a rainy day, all they could do was to stay not beyond Camp 3. They reached this campsite at exactly 9:00 in the evening. As Irvhin Joy would put it, “we sacrificed a lot because of the rain and the night trekking.”

“Practically, the assault to the summit on the next day would be very difficult especially with the trail from Mayo’s Peak to the Knife Edge was very slippery,” said Irvhin. Instead of pushing through, the guide decided to descend the next morning back to the trail head.

Definitely this climb is one of the very few failed climbs of LOGSAC, or shall we say not being able to reach the summit of a certain mountain. However, Irvhin Joy said they would not stop chasing this mountain summit, as it would be very rewarding to really make it all the way to it in the future.

G2 is located in Sibuyan Island in Romblon, and is standing 2,085 meters above sea level. It is well-known for its being very difficult to climb, featuring sharp rock formations and steep trails. With another point in the mountain called the Knife Edge, making it to the summit of this mountain is very hard. It takes a lot of physical preparation and courage, as well as with a blessing for a good weather.

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