Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Lake Holon is located in the middle of Mt. Parker mountain range, Tboli, South Cotabato. It was officially declared as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. Formerly known as Lake Maughan, this lake formed part of Tboli’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

On May 21-23, 2010; we joined an invitational climb to Lake Holon. The event was organized by Gaudy’s World Outdoor Shop based in Polomolok, South Cotabato which included tree planting and reggae night. It was participated by 178 mountaineers. I was then accompanied by kaLOGSACs Papong and Jonas.

Although there were several good points about the climb such as the amazing sights of Mt. Parker and the lake itself, there were also some depressing sidelights which eventually took place. For one thing, a scene stealer at the Municipality of Tboli occurred when “Tatang” showed us how to be a drunken master by throwing punches to an unknown adversary. Tatang has been climbing mountains through the years, and it was only during that climb where I saw him creating trouble. He might have been overpowered by alcohol spirit, here’s a glass to Tatang.

For another thing, three participants were arrested because of marijuana use. Unfortunately for those guys, they were caught in the act by PNP officials who were also having climb at Holon on that same date. Aside from marijuana use, the PNP also recovered drug syrups and numerous marijuana sticks, forcing PNP functionaries to file legal and appropriate actions. As of this writing, the 3 captives were detained at Tboli Police Station.

When I talked to one of the police members, they asked me whether mountain climbers really use drugs. To my shame, I just told them some uses drugs while others do not. According to the police, they would file a case to the three. The incident should bring us to a high alarm, considering that many of the mountain climbers also use drugs when climbing (puera de los Buenos). I just could not understand the logic then. Mountaineers and climbers climb mountains to commune with nature and enjoy God’s creation, nothing else matters. Let’s not associate drugs to mountaineering anymore.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Two separate occasions were participated by LOGSAC during the Earth Day celebration last April 22, 2010. Julpanz and Papong joined the Eden Nature Park tree growing while Jonas, Faridah and Tolits were at Pearl Farm Resort to attend coastal clean up and dive congress for the scubasurero program initiated by Bugsay Davao and Department of Tourism.

The Eden tree planting was a huge success, with 25 mountaineers from MFSM actively involved in the activity. What’s good about it was that the seedlings used were stable enough to withstand heavy rains. The Eden management made sure the efforts would not succumb yet another failure by attaining low survival rate.

The coastal clean up at Pearl Farm, on the other hand, was also very successful. According to Jonas, Samal area is already soaked with garbage with the presence of so many commercial establishments such as resorts. The clean up drive enabled them to unload bundles of garbage from the island of Malipano.

All in all, the Earth Day celebration was another great achievement by all mountaineers. It somehow catalyzes environmental advocacy, aside from the fact that it spawned comradeship.