Monday, September 18, 2017

The splendor of Asik-Asik Falls

It might not be your most accessible destination on a weekend but Asik-asik falls in the municipality of Alamada, North Cotabato is worth all the long travel especially if one chases for a euphoria of disgust and disappointments.

Last September 16 I headed 200 kilometers west bound   to see for myself an ultimate bucket list – the majestic Asik-asik waterfalls. The extensive bus travel which took 4 hours from Sta. Cruz to Midsayap and another 1 and a half hour motorcycle ride from Midsayap to Barangay Dadu of Alamada was exhausting. For day tourist from Davao City I suggest you take a very early morning ride via Mindanao Express Bus because time is really of the essence when going to Alamada.

It was already past 12:00 noon when I arrived at the tourist information center. I paid 30 pesos entrance fee and instantly gained access to the waterfalls. The trek was less than 10 minutes using a concrete stairway. I saw several weekenders also visiting there from almost all parts of Mindanao. Indeed, Asik-asik falls is now one of Mindanao’s most promising tourist destination.

I was struck in awe when I witnessed face to face the grandeur of Asik-asik falls. As a naturalist I thought of this place as truly wonderful. Its splendor and magic is second to none. I have been exposed to a lot of waterfalls in the country already but man, this one is beyond compare.  

What is more interesting is that this waterfalls emanates from practically nowhere. The wide and endearing droplets are just being positioned opposite the fertile vertical land structures of Alamada and the drops have collaborated with the horizontal water body to form a titanic river. It is ironic that this waterfalls is not formed from a mighty bulk of descending stream. 

All waters arising from the backdraft of Asik-asik falls is potable. Locals believed that it springs out from Lake Lanao considering that the location borders the provinces of Lanao del Sur and Bukidnon.  

Whatever supernatural ideas surrounding Asik-asik falls, I believed the foremost concern now for government authorities is on the aspect of sustaining the beauty of this natural heritage. It was only opened for public approximately five years ago but there is so much more at stake for this terrestrial attraction in Alamada.

In my pursuit to find comfort amidst annoyance I found out that Asik-asik falls is an ultimate refuge. This waterfalls holds all the magic to calm a storming emotion. In Asik-asik falls you will realize that freedom is not as subtle as what others thought of. In Asik-asik falls we can always refuse to perish.    

P.S. There are two options when traveling to Barangay Dadu from Midsayap. Regular jeepneys travel from Midsayap daily but will take several hours before reaching Dadu. This is only good for guests who will be staying overnight in Alamada. For those who are in a hurry and catching up with some tight schedules I suggest you take a motorcycle from Midasayap all the way to Dadu. The rate is 1,000 pesos back and forth. The highly-suggested driver is Janjan, a very reliable driver and tour guide at the same time. He can be contacted through cellphone number 09305519760.

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