Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mt. Kitanglad climb is a completion of Bukidnon’s two heaps that was started early this year. After a successful climb to Dulang-Dulang last January, LOGSAC and two affiliates completed two of Bukidnon’s pride by scaling Mt. Kitanglad last May 14 and 15.

A very unique mountain at that because of its being home to many communication towers including huge networks GMA and ABS-CBN, Mt. Kitanglad is the 4th highest peak in the Philippines. The summit is resided by technical personnel which made the mountain far-different from other summits. When you get there, you don’t need to set up a tent because there are available bunkhouses where mountaineers can opt to stay overnight. As Ella would put it, “Mt. Kitanglad is a unique mountain. It’s the only mountain where you can see flowers, bunk houses and even basketball court”.

Adjacent to Mt. Kitanglad is the towering Mt. Dulang-Dulang, the country’s second highest mountain and has formed part of the magnificient panorama of the Kitanglad mountain range which also includes the Kalatungan peak.

“Mt. Kitanglad has really made my climb hard and funny,” said Josephine. Certainly, the steep angle going to the summit plus the cold weather due to heavy downpour in the first day were reasons or our severe exhaustion. We started trekking at 9:00 AM and the first to arrive in the summit was Pawiks at 2:40 PM. Our sweeper arrived at around 5:30 PM. One good thing about Mt. Kitanglad is the ladders established made of angle bars for easy assault.

Another interesting thing about Mt. Kitanglad is its almost untouched, thick forest vegetation. It has so far one of the widest forest in Mindanao and in fact records show that Philippine Eagle Foundation is liberating some of its species within the Mt. Kitanglad mountain range. Hopefully this stature of Kitanglad will remain unspoiled in the coming years.

The temperature of Mt. Kitanglad is comparable to that of Mt. Dulang-Dulang. While having our early morning peak tripping, we enjoyed the splendid overlooking spots of the city of Malaybalay and the island of Camiguin, adding vital pieces to this already-memorable adventure climb.

SPECIAL NOTES: Many thanks to the members of this expedition Josephine, Ella, Irvhin, Papong and Pawiks (it was Pawiks’ first mountain climbing experience outside Mt. Apo). The experience you’ve provided was major flavor to make the climb more appetizing.