Monday, February 28, 2011

Backtrack # 01: GINGOOG CLIMB (May 2006)

The climb was dubbed as Summer Fiesta Climb to Balatukan Range (also called as Yogad’s Peak in tribute to a mountaineer named Yogad). This climb was facilitated by KAPLAG, a local mountaineering group based in Gingoog City. The mountain is nestled within a forest area of Gingoog and has been considered the collest place in the city.

The trek going to the peak’s campsite lasted for 5 hours. Although a minor climb at that, Balatukan also offers steep slopes along the way. One thing I can’t forget about this climb was that while trekking we were all drunk, painstakingly enduring that trivial track before the summit with alcohol spirit still hanging tough in our respective bodies. Its really very hard climbing while drinking, or the other way around.

My companions during that climb were Papong and Chickay. We were warmly acomodated by our KAPLAG friends in Gingoog and some friends from Butuan Patrick, Sato and Joyjie.

Backtrack is a portion of this blog featuring unposted climbs of LOGSAC from way back.

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