Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Freedom Climb is an annual climb held to reminisce the Filipino heroes who fought for freedom and independence. This year, 50 summits were venues of the event as coordinated by FIMO, a Manila-based mountaineering club.

Sharing the same thrust with FIMO, the Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao has actively joined the celebration. Almost all mountains in Mindanao were occupied with mountaineers during the 122nd Independence Day.

As usual, my club LOGSAC did our share of Freedom Climb and had it at the country’s highest peak – Mt. Apo – on June 12-14, 2010 via Sta. Cruz trail. Along with us were six mountaineers from Luzon. There was fun during expedition, although we were clasped by rain showers for two consecutive evenings.

Eventually there were several good points that the climb had prearranged. First, the spirit of patriotism was cultivated. Independence Day celebration nowadays is just a mere piece of something and its meaning has been forgotten. With us joining the flag-raising ceremony on the 13th of June, at least there was a deeper understanding and appreciation about the efforts made by our fore heroes and their century-old struggles were remembered. Here’s a glass for that.

Second, our venue was at Mt. Apo. With an echelon of 10,311 feet above sea level, we were the tallest then. For two consecutive years I spent my Freedom Climb in this mountain that has long been a backyard for me. The last time I climbed Mt. Apo was February this year and while I was face to face with the mountain last June 13 I even developed a deeper sense of accountability not only to Mt. Apo but to the environment in general. While seeing face to face with Mt. Apo last June 13 I appreciated more the beauty of this behemoth. While seeing face to face with Mt. Apo last June 13 I realized how kind the nature to human beings. Here’s another glass for that.

Third, this year’s Freedom Climb has given me new set of friends. Apol and company are great comrades

Lastly, strange things happen during the climb. We met a lone chimpanzee while taking a breather at the boulders and the good thing was that the beast was so cool, allowing me to take several photo shoots. Also, it was the only climb in my whole life that I never tasted a single wine shot.

To all those who co-celebrated the 2010 version of Freedom Climb, congrats.

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