Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Two separate occasions were participated by LOGSAC during the Earth Day celebration last April 22, 2010. Julpanz and Papong joined the Eden Nature Park tree growing while Jonas, Faridah and Tolits were at Pearl Farm Resort to attend coastal clean up and dive congress for the scubasurero program initiated by Bugsay Davao and Department of Tourism.

The Eden tree planting was a huge success, with 25 mountaineers from MFSM actively involved in the activity. What’s good about it was that the seedlings used were stable enough to withstand heavy rains. The Eden management made sure the efforts would not succumb yet another failure by attaining low survival rate.

The coastal clean up at Pearl Farm, on the other hand, was also very successful. According to Jonas, Samal area is already soaked with garbage with the presence of so many commercial establishments such as resorts. The clean up drive enabled them to unload bundles of garbage from the island of Malipano.

All in all, the Earth Day celebration was another great achievement by all mountaineers. It somehow catalyzes environmental advocacy, aside from the fact that it spawned comradeship.

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