Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MFSM Day reels off

This year’s edition of anniversary celebration of the Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao was highlighted by a Symposium on Global Warming, Mini Adventure Race, Renewal of Membership and Accreditation, Presentation of Club Accomplishment and Election of New Set of Officers.

With the coming of new policies regarding MFSM’s membership to the Regional Eco-Tourism Council (REC) which will now be handled by DENR, several great challenges lay ahead of the new set of officers. For the next 2 or 3 years; MFSM will be managed by Engr. Albert Gabriel of TEAK as President.

As usual, LOGSAC joined the activity being one of the federation members. Guys who graced the event were Julpanz, Jonas, Danrev, Butche, Jongjong, Faridah, Cathy, Trecelyn, Pawiks, Noli, Raffy and Domas.


  1. oh oh! im so sad i was not able to join the MFSM Day, gosH! az in i really miss it.. but nwiz, next time! see you all guyz soon..! amping.. regards!

  2. Nganong wala ni enter, hahaha....lingaw kaayo to