Monday, December 21, 2009


In a month that’s full of yuletide timetables, outdoor activities remain on top of my priority. And when AMOSS head honcho Dhayren approached me to be part of their 2nd Sulop Outdoor Adventure Trip, I confirmed my attendance without hesitation because I discovered that the participants were modesty-personified especially with the presence of a very humble guy Gabo (kinabut-anan); and the event itself was for a charitable cause. The event’s theme “Tabang sa Katawhan, Kinaiyahan Ampingan”, really captured my interest. Who could have refused it when in fact the real essence of Christmas is to offer? Moreover, the spot they identified for trekking was a deal…a yellow river and a stunning cave. Although for some reasons these names sound better than the place.

When we arrived at Barangay Osmeña, we were held close by the cold wind – definitely inspired by the Christmas breeze, the warm accommodation of the Tagacaolo lumads, the soothing aroma of native coffee, and the presence of equally-obsessed outdoor people (others call us mountain people). We joined the outreach program with AMOSS and other outdoor groups and afterwards I and Gabo suddenly found ourselves hugging our respective wives, his Nikon D40 and my Olympus E-500. You got it right fellas, our two shoulder-conveyed wives had captured plenty of youngster models.

Our evening experience was – as usual – graced by a GSM Blue (Gabo might have fallen in love with this drink). While dinner was delayed, we enjoyed the company of some girl comrades who used to rub elbows with us during the candid pictorials. So great that we never noticed the hunger in us. Indeed, girls are food.

We also had a terrible midnight experience. It was the only climb that my basketball talent was enhanced especially in boxing out opponents. I also learned some taekwondo tactics which later was transformed into an Ultimate Fighting Championship. And it happened in a midnight, take note. I just did not know who won the contest, must have been somebody who extended the fight in a 1-on-1 battle two days later.

When great climb comes just like the one we had in Sulop, the first thing therefore that we consider is the experience. Forget the guys, forget the biographies…just experience, and I’m sure we have lots of reasons to smile and lots of memories to ponder.#

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