Sunday, November 15, 2009

LOGSAC joins Operation Kontra Baha

Davao City – Three rivers of Davao City are addressees of the Operation Kontra Baha, a flood mitigation program of the Knights of Columbus Catalunan Grande Chapter, Davao City in coordination with different government agencies and private sectors. The three rivers are Talomo, Matina Pangi and Davao River.

Recognizing the importance of the program, the Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao has joined the activity during the pre-implementation and implementation phases; as well as the parenting stage which is considered as the most important component of the project. Tree planting schedules are October 24, November 14 and November 21.

Being one of our thrusts to act locally in giving share to the already humiliated Mother Earth, the Local Government of Sta. Cruz (LOGSAC) has participated the activity.

(PS: Parenting Component of the Program is the monitoring and evaluation period whereby creating a scheme that will determine the survival rate of the planted seedlings. If mortality rate is discovered, replanting of dead hills will be immediately replenished until full recovery and the desired rate of survival will be achieved.)