Monday, October 26, 2009


Talicud island is a fraction of the Island Garden City of Samal noted for its fine white sand, crystal clear water and sumptuous sea foods. When we joined the launching of Adventure Island by the Wind and Wave and Dayang Beach Resort on October 18, we enjoyed everything with impunity. Being a member of the Mountaineering Federation of Southern Mindanao (MFSM), I gained 1 slot for the trip. It was actually a familiarization tour of that newly-established resort and island adventure destination, so we were all freed of the supposed lavish obligations.

Along with Jhune, Ayee, Lloyd and half-human half-machine Gabo; we took pleasure of the foods, girls, and rides. We started with a jaunt of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), then facilitated the Kayaking lecture and actual paddling. We also tried the swift wave chain with a speed boat, water ski, banana boat and wakeboard….In an instance, we were hooked. Adventure island further offers the following: scuba diving, island tour, coral tour, beach volleyball, snorkeling, island trekking, wind surfing, rappelling, sunset cruise, sports fishing, aqua bike, spelunking, cave tour, bird watching, kite boarding and mountain biking.

Lunch was superb, as well, with a ration that included steamed prawn and crabs. The most mouthwatering commodity during the trip, however, was the presence of three gorgeous ladies dubbed as “Ms. Wind and Wave” who chose to be with mountaineers as their company rather than with the white-collar personalities.

In a nutshell, the trip was a tremendous and unforgettable getaway.


  1. Nindota ani uy....

  2. It seems only you guys enjoyed the steamed Crabs & prawns . I think you had it when I was busy with something or someone he he he

  3. Bataa ka....nalingaw ka sa mga chavo ani....

  4. sarap naman niyan... pahingi po... great photos...